Okay.. I've heard a few people talk about this program before, and the thing that's put me off is the lack of a mac version.

I recently got myself a copy of Expression web 2.0 for my windows laptop... and I think this is the most time I've spent on a PC since I got my imac last year!!!

I love it! Everything is done to standards, and you can also easily create a style sheet, attatch it, and edit it all from the same program, it handles DIVS much more nicely than frontpage.

The default templates are also actually quite nice (And thats coming from me who's a real fusspot when it comes to layouts... For me, the look of the page comes before the usability!)

anyway here is a site I designed in photoshop, cut into three parts and coded into divs.


I also used 'cushycms' a content management system which is really simple, you only have to sign up there, add "class=cushycms" to your DIV and you are good to go- you can add pictures and everything, just from their control panel!