Hi All,

People my mum works with within the youth service, run a Hong Kong exchange every year, in which young adults (17-25), get the opportunity to do an exchange with Hong Kong people.

We stay in Hong kong for two weeks in a hotel, and they stay on the Wirral for 2 weeks in a youth hostel.

We have to raise the funds, and there was a meeting on it on Wednesday Evening.

I applied for it and got invited to the meeting, so I went along with my mum and Everyone had to give a small speech on why you should get to go to Hong Kong. I totally wasn't prepared as I didn't know we had to make a speech.

Everyone had lot's of stuff to say (most of them where full of rubbish, and blew their own trumpets for about 10 minutes!)

I didn't know what to say at all so I just said "I would like to go to experience the other cultures, and also it'd be a brilliant chance to make new friends, and show them our culture, and our school/college system"

I was really down cos I thought I wouldn't get to go (12 place, 25 people applied) and they all had really long winded speeches.

I got a letter this morning and I CAN GO!!! :bounce022::bounce022:

I'm so excited, I have to go to a meeting on the 26th of November, and then after that we have a meeting once a month, and do fund raising for about 3 months before we go (Pub crawls, sponsored bike rides, bag packing ect) We look after them for 1 night in our own home, and then we have to go and look after them when they are staying at the youth hostel too, show them around our area ect.