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Thread: Which moderate for next year

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    We were thinking port orleans french or riverside but now we've heard about pirate rooms at the caribbean beach which sounds amazing.

    What's your favourite moderate and why?

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    I've only ever visited the moderates (and had a snack, drink or meal at them) and for different reasons, I like them all!

    I find Riverside/PO/FQ the most elegant; the prettiest if you will. The CBR is island fun! Pirate rooms would be wicked! CS is nice too. I like the larger resorts but that is because we like to walk and those resorts that are spread out allow us to do that. (CS and CBR are the more sprawling of the three).

    It truly will be a matter of personal preference for you (and rate, eh?). You won't go wrong with any of the three! :smiley4:

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    We have stayed at PORFQ and CBR and we like the FQ a lot more. It was a great location, it was pretty and we liked the food court better.

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    My fave moderate would be Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter...theming, food court, Piano has it all!

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    I would choose either of the Port Orleans resorts over Caribbean Beach. Those Pirate rooms are lovely, based on the pictures, but I personally don't feel they are worth the extra expense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccaberry, post: 76955
    My fave moderate would be Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter...theming, food court, Piano has it all!
    Ours too!

    Port Orleans Riverside is our favorite resort. We stay in the Alligator Bayou section. It seems so private. A welcome change after the crowds in the parks.
    And, of course, no trip to Port Orleans Riverside would be complete with visiting good, ole, Yehaa Bob.

    Tom (who's wishing he were on the Sassagoula River right now!)

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