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Thread: Our Spooky Disney Celebration ~ Day Four

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    Our Spooky Disney Celebration
    Day 4 ~ Paris Tour and Bonfire Fireworks

    We were up at a more reasonable time of 7.45am, got showered and dressed and had breakfast. We left for the Hotel New York just after 8.45am where we were meeting for our tour into Paris. We met our tour outside the hotel, we were going in a Cityrama coach which was really nice. We sat upstairs which had big glass panels in the roof so we could see out of the top too.

    The drive in to Paris took about 45 minutes and then the commentary started as we started seeing the sights. We went through the Bastille, past Notre Dam, the Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, the National Library, Trocadero, the Great and Little Palace, Luxumburg Gardens and the Eiffel Tower. It was so pretty with all the nice Parisian building and little streets with patisseries and cafes, it was a bit like France in Epcot, but for real.

    Some pictures around Paris, sorry I can't remember what everywhere was but we saw so many places from so many views:

    River Seine

    Notre Dam - it looked very small from this point

    The National Assembly

    The Eiffel Tower in the background ~ Sophie's first view

    I think this is the Luxumburg Big Palace

    Oh look what I spotted

    The Arc de Triomphe

    The traffic was surprisingly clear and after seeing the sights by coach we arrived at the Louvre at 11.45am. We were given 2 hours free time at the Louvre, there was the museum in one direction and shops and restaurants in the other all inside one big building. We went to the food court first for some lunch, there was a good selection with Moroccan, Asian, Japanese, Tapas, Panini’s, crepes, Mexican, a burger bar and chicken place. Sophie and I got nacho’s with chilli served with a side and a drink and the others had burger and fries. It was all quite nice.

    Mine and Sophie's nacho's and chilli

    After lunch we walked outside and around the Louvre, it was absolutely huge, it went on for ages. It was very pretty outside with the fountains and different buildings, quite different to what I expected.

    We walked around by the fountains and then walked to the front and around some of the little streets. There were some lovely cafes with people sitting outside, it looked so nice and very Parisian.

    Inside the Louvre ~ the museum

    We went back inside and looked around the shops for a bit before meeting back up with our guide. We got back on the coach and headed down to the Seine for our boat tour. We only had to wait for about 5-10 minutes and then we boarded, we managed to get some good seats on the back, outside part of the boat with a great view. We got to see the Pont Neuf bridge, the oldest Bridge in Paris, and got close up views of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dam. It was lovely floating along in the sun with great views and the bells of Notre Dam playing for us. Again there was commentary on little machine things but half of them didn't work and it was quite hard to here.

    Notre Dam

    Coming back up to the Eiffel Tower ~ this is where the boat dock is

    The boat trip was an hour and when we got back we walked up to the Eiffel Tower which was a 5 minute walk away. We waited a bit until our booked time of 4pm, it was quite busy and there were lots of queues for all the different legs of the tower. It didn't help that one of the legs were having work done so only 3 were open. But still I was surprised how busy it was for a Monday.

    The lift

    We then caught the lift up the North leg of the tower to the first floor. It was Mum, Dad and Sophie's first trip up the tower and I even though Mum was a bit scared about the lift they all seemed to enjoy it.We had a bit of a look around the first floor, the view was quite good from here and there was so much to see. [/color]

    Going up in the lift

    We then decided to walk up to the second floor. This was a bit of a mistake as it was far between the two and pretty hard work, when we finally reached the second floor we were all quite tired. The views however were much better from the second floor though and we could see across most of Paris.

    I love the reflection of the tower in this one

    And I just thought these were really cute

    It was a shame we didn’t have enough time to go to the top but we had less than a hour and the wait time for the top was at least 45 minutes. Last time Nick and I did it, it took us 4 hours to get to the top and down again, and although it was a great experience we didn’t have the time. We caught the lift back down again, which is pretty cool, you get quite a good view as you sail down the leg.

    The mechanics of the lift

    Back at the bottom we got a few souvenirs and then walked over to the coach. The coach left just after 5.15pm and we got back to the Hotel New York just before 6.30pm. Everyone fell asleep on the coach, although it was nice seeing the sights by night.

    The tour coach

    The view from the coach roof

    It had been a great tour and gave us a real insight into Paris. Last time Nick and I came to Paris we only saw some of the more grotty areas and the Eiffel Tower, we were not very impressed with the city although we loved the tower and views from the top. We managed to see all the main sights, most of which none of us had seen before, and the boat tour was great, as well as the trip up the tower. The coach was very nice and the tour guide spoke several languages which was good. I definitely think this tour was worth the money and it was a great way to see Paris.

    Back at the Hotel New York we walked back to the Disney Village and went to King Ludwiq’s Castle for tea. I had never had any interest of trying this place before as I don’t like German food really but Mum wanted to try somewhere different and this was the only place in the Disney Village we hadn’t yet tried. We were seated straight away upstairs in a lovely booth with a stained glass window behind. The restaurant was lovely with patterned ceilings, candelabras, stain glassed windows and dark wood, it was quite fairytale-ish.

    For drinks Mum had wine, I had a pina colada and Nick and Dad had beers, which they didn’t realise were BOGOF. For food Nick, Mum and I had the set menu, 2 courses for 17.90E. Mum shared a flatbread with Dad to start and then had Pork shank with sauerkraut and a Grand Marnier crème brulee, Nick ordered French onion soup to start, then the castle steak which was rump steak with fries and onion rings and crème brulee, and I had creamy leak and potato soup, castle steak and then crepes. Dad shared the flatbread with Mum and finished my soup as it was so thick and creamy and had beef bourgonon (sp?), and Sophie had spinach pasta. It was all very good and really reasonable too compared to the other meals.[/color]

    My leek and potato soup

    Mum and Dad's flatbread

    Nicks French Onion soup

    Sophie's spinach pasta

    Mum's pork shank

    Dad's beef bourgonon (sp?)

    Nick and my Castle steak

    Grand Marnier creme brulee

    Crepes suzette

    Whilst we were finishing our desserts Dad took Sophie over to the ice-rink at the Hotel NY. After we paid the bill Nick and I did some final shopping, we brought a few Disney Christmas decorations and a lovely Christmas Dumbo teddy. Then Nick took me into the art shop and brought me a Walt Disney Classic Collection piece, it was the chef from Little Mermaid, one of the collections I have. It wasn’t the best deal with the exchange rate (185E) but it’s a retired piece and he wanted to treat me, he is so lovely.

    With WDCC in hand we walked over to the NY Hotel. There was a bonfire display on the lake tonight, Nick and I stood there and watched it and it was a great way to end the holiday. There were fireworks set to the music from POTC, the Disneyland Paris advert, and the British National Anthem, and a big bonfire on the lake.

    These fireworks looked like pixie dust falling down

    The bonfire

    After the fireworks ended we went and watched Sophie ice-skating for a bit, she was showing us what she had learn't at her lessons and was having a great time.

    Look at the concentration on her face

    My new christmas Dumbo

    And a few pictures from the NY hotel ~ I loved these tree decorations

    The NY taxi out the front

    We then headed back to Davy Crockett where we packed and had some wine before bed, our final sleep at Disney.

    April 2009 ~ Our Magical WDW Adventure ~ Take 2 ~ New Pre Trip Report
    April 2008 ~ CSR & Villa; July 2006 ~ Port Orleans, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Miami; January 2005 ~ All Star Movies; July 1998 ~ I-drive and Fort Lauderdale
    DLP ~ 1993, 1995, 2001, NYE 2006, 2007, Halloween 2008

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    fantastic photos, you've really whetted my apetite for Paris.

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    Today was so good you posted the report of it twice.

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    Opps :rolleyes008:

    April 2009 ~ Our Magical WDW Adventure ~ Take 2 ~ New Pre Trip Report
    April 2008 ~ CSR & Villa; July 2006 ~ Port Orleans, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Miami; January 2005 ~ All Star Movies; July 1998 ~ I-drive and Fort Lauderdale
    DLP ~ 1993, 1995, 2001, NYE 2006, 2007, Halloween 2008

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    Wow, a great day, you packed a lot in!! Excellent photo's and a great read :p015:

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    Oh i can see the pictures of the fireworks on this one; brillinat.

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