my living room is finished!!

it's been out of use since June

After my frustration at the new radiator not being installed on time and thinking our new carpet would have to be put off until the radiator was in it finally worked out - the plumber, bless him (but not his boss who messed it all up) came out to us at 7.30am yesterday. good man

the carpet fitters arrived 20 minutes early *shock* while the radiator was still being done so i made them all a cuppa and they waited - the plumber rushed around like mad for us and that and the carper was all done and dusted by 9.30am.....excellent!

we got the new furniture in in less than an hour OMG i'm so excited i never thought i'd see the day when i had a living room as lovely as it is!

the carper is thick and bouncy, the curtains look gorgeous (Mum took them up for me as they were too long)

It's FABULOUS! just thought i'd share that with you! i was gobsmacked yesterday when it was all done - i couldn't believe it!

i now have a no shoes, no drinks and no food rule in there