We, as I am sure you know, live in the Milky way galaxy.
That means our sun is only one of the countless trillions of stars that go to make up our galaxy, all the stars you can see are part of our own galaxy, all the nebulae you can see, are again gas clouds floating in our galaxy , and more specifically our part of the galaxy.

Now imagine

When you are in a plane you are travelling at about 5-600mph which is about as fast as any of us get.

Imagine travelling in a plane doing 10,000 mph a million, ten million

Mind blown yet ?

Imagine flying at 187,000 miles a second - that is the speed of light. Travelling at this mind blowing speed it would still take you 100,000 years to fly from 1 side of our galaxy to the other ( without stopping for a wee).

This is 1 x 2 minute shot taken as I was packing up last night

2 pretty obvious galaxies but if you look harder at some of the feinter smudges

There are 8 other galaxies here in one tiny field of view

And that was just a 2 minute sub - a longer exposure would have shown many more.

Blows my mind every time