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Thread: walkie talkies?

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    A few years ago everyone was using walkie talkies at disney but I havent seen anyone mention them recently? Do they not work as well now or is everyone just texting?

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    my unc has some and said they work great

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    We still have ours. They are very handy, especially if there is a group of you and some/all are from out of town/state/country. Keeps mobile costs down.

    If you are going to purchase some, get some with the furthest range (ours are five miles) and the most bands as you can find. That way when a given channel is in use, you can move to another channel and still communicate.

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    Yup to what Sister Tink said...

    and to add to it - at one time everyone had radios and the channels were flooded. I can't tell you how many times I answered to any kid calling "Dad". Cell phones opened up the air waves for radios again, and I think they are really handy, especially with kids. Track phones would be rather expensive to give to younger kids who may not take the best care of them and radios are super cheap now. A great option.

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    Especially when one of the users (child or adult!) drops one in the commode! Or loses one. No huge loss, no real consequence.

    We bought a set of four at one of those warehouse places...Costco maybe. Handy for many things, again especially when little ones are around.

    Meant to take them on the cruise with us, but forgot them. Might have been handy as we didn't use our mobiles.

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