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Thread: Email alerts !

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    I have turned them off but am still getting them AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH ! Help me admin please ?

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    Hmmmm...I just checked your profile via the admin and it's set to no email notification...

    What exactly is prompting the emails (there are several options for notification)?

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    New posts to the threads I have answered.I tried not subscribe but that doesn't work either.

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    Hmmmm, your profile is set to NOT send them... I'm afraid it's going to take our (WDW Holidaying) Keith to intervene on this one.

    Unless you want to try resetting everything to default and then doing it over again? It may work (or most likely won't).

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    Looks like I will have to just keep unsubscribing to threads everytime I join them then ????? Thanks for trying though

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    Well I havent looked yet but I SUSPECT changing that option works for NEW threads not old ones.. so it may be a question of unsubscribing to the old threads and then waiting because there'll probably be some emails already in the queue for you

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    Ah! SEE? I knew our Keith would fix it.

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