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Thread: New Disney 2009 celebrations

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    Details are starting to emerge of the new "Celebration Vacations" theme for 2009

    New Magic Kingdom Parade "Celebrate! Dreams Come True" - 3:00 parade.

    Magic Kingdom "Move It! Shake it! Celebrate!" - Similar to the discontinued Family Fun Day parade. This will take place multiple times and will involve guest participation.

    Different Costumes for Characters - All of the Disney characters will have a celebration costume..Goofy will look like a Jester.

    Illuminations Celebration Addition - Illumintations "Refelctions of Earth" at Epcot will have a celebration overlay added to it.

    Street Parties: The call to “Celebrate Today!” as "the happiest party on Earth" begins with music and dancing.

    Tomorrowland Party: Stitch and a DJ invite guests to join with the interactive dance troupe and party to to retro-futuristic music.

    Park Décor: Party hats, balloons and banners will decorate the parks. The Magic Kingdom will get the most changes, but you can definitely expect decorations throughout the other parks too.

    Buttons: Complimentary celebration buttons will continue to be given out to guests celebrating a special occasion. "Just Engaged"

    Special cakes and desserts at participating restaurants.

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    Wow, are all of the above starting at the beginning of january? I hope so

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    Is this the replacement for year of a million dreams then? vacation celebrations?

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