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Thread: Discovery cove or seaworld?

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    Is there really that much to do at DC for the money ? we could do two days at seaworld or maybe one day at sw and one at DC but I just dont know if theyre too similar to be worth doing?

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    I've not been to DC, but I don't believe it is all that similar to Seaworld. It is a totally different experience, from what I've been told.

    I really enjoy Seaworld, and would like to do DC someday...just haven't ever had the chance.

    There are some folks here that have done DC though, I know! I think our Isafari is one, but she's here in Florida right now and most likely won't be able to respond to this until she returns home.

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    id love to go to DC and im sure there is enught to make a day out of it too

    im sure if you get the DC ultimate tickets you get tix to sea world, busch gardens and aquatica thrown in so its good VFM

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    yep the ultimate ticket contains 7 days admission to seaworld i believe, there is no comparison really. Sea world is a park like those at universal or disney in that there are shows/rides based around the marine mammals there. It is a very good and full day out.

    discovery cove is all about interaction with the mammals, you can choose to swim with the dolphins or not but everyone gets breakfast and lunch included and drinks for the whole day. You can also interact with tropical birds in their aviary, swim with and feet sting rays snorkel with fish, float round the lazy river. The setting is just gorgous and is like being on a tropical island and never feels crowded. i would get there before the park opened to be one of the first in and be the last one to leave, a good balance of action and relaxation for me. I can't wait to go again!!

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    The normal ticket now contains a 14 day pass to seaworld now I believe which seems pretty good value to me!

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    I am so looking forward to one day doing Discovery Cove.. after reading Chris's trip report, I really want to look ridiculous in a wetsuit all day!!

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    Discovery cove was a brilliant day for us. We all still talk about it 3 years later. Would love to do again as Jodie was too young to swim with dolphins at the time.

    This is Tara with Rascal - she loved it though she was nervous to start with!

    As said above, it is a totally different experience to Seaworld, but Seaworld is included in the tickets anyway.

    The day at Discovery Cove is so relaxful & all food, drink, suntan lotion, shampoo, snacks etc are included in price.

    If you can afford it - I would say go for it xx

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