OK. So I'm in the Houston airport. I left Dallas this AM on an oh dark hundred flight.

Get to Houston, told at the arrival gate to go to E12. Fine...have to take a tram to get there...no prob.

Get to the gate. Stand around for half an hour, the numbers of the flights don't match...

Woman who finally shows up (and is surly as heck because she has to work apparently) tells me I'm supposed to be at C43...different terminal, and no I can't get on the Orlando flight going out of her gate. No reason, just no I can't.

So, I schlep to C43...numbers match. Destination matches. No agent. I sit.

There is a sudden influx of people into the area and they too sit...I wonder about that... I look at the board again and it's suddenly changed to Los Angeles...

I ask the woman at the counter about it and she (of unbelievable unpleasantness) tells me this is the gate to Los Angeles. I show her my ticket and ask if it's also the gate for Orlando. She asks if I've read the board.

Now, I am no longer happy. I told her no, I have been here for some time... she points vaguely and says it's down that way.

I take a deep breath and say, "And you are here. IS THIS THE GATE FOR ORLANDO?"

No. It's now gate C44...no major issue.

I am so OVER Continental...this time I mean it!!!! No more domestic flights on this carrier for me. This isn't the first time I've had problems and lousy service from Continental.

It's not the changing gates, it's the absolute nastiness of the workers. Is it really that hard to simply be civil? Apparently so.

Oh, and the worst ones of this morning? They all conveniently didn't have their name tags on. Nice huh?

I did verify with yet another woman at this gate that it is the gate for Orlando. She says it is. For now. It may change.

I just want to get home. (Fog is terrible...I have a sinking feeling they are going to start canceling flights...).

I'm done.

Thank you for listening. I know there is nothing to be done, but I really needed to vent.