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Thread: TIP: Take a monorail hotel tour

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    If you have some time, or if it's raining one day, try a monorail hotel tour :o

    Get on the monorail at say magic kingdom and go to each hotel, polynesian, grandfloridan, contemporary and explore!

    Each hotel is worth seeing and if you're hungry, you can try a different dessert in each or have a sald in one restaurant, a main meal at another hotel, and a dessert at the other.

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    Don't forget to see if you can ride up front with the driver. This is amazing!

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    The monorail to (and from) EPCOT is nice too. It gives you a tiny glimpse of EPCOT and if you are lucky you will get to see some deer on the way.

    This is one of our favorite things to do with folks who don't want to go in the parks on a given day. (First day of arrival, that sort of thing). Gives them a feel for Disney, without overwhelming them.

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    It's also a great way to cool off if the day is really hot too

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    We did this last year and we got to ride up front with the driver, was a fab few hours and will deffo do this again Ticker

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    Love to eat breakfast at Kona Cafe then monorail to the other resorts.

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    Definitely a great tip! Just to update (as this thread is slightly dated), for safety reasons, you are no longer allowed to ride up front with the monorail drivers.

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