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Thread: Port Orleans riverside or french quarter?

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    Hi all we're looking to book for 2009 and are considering one of the port orleans. Is there a real difference between the two or are they just areas of one resort?

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    They are two parts of the Port Orleans resort complex, but Riverside is huge while the French Quarter is smaller with everything closer together. If you get a far out of the way building at Riverside, it makes getting to the food court a pain, although they do have more than one bus stop.

    FQ is quieter and smaller with each of the buildings an easy walk to the food courst, bus stop etc. The downside is that the food court is the place to eat while at Riverside you will have more choices.

    I like FQ better, but there are a lot of people who much prefer Riverside as it has more choices for food, drinks, etc.

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    I'm totally stuck with this question myself. I like both of them and haven't a clue which one I'd choose next

    POR is huge that's for sure BUT they've always given us a room where we've asked, the mansions, which are close to the bridge across to the main building and food courts. SO the size has never mattered one jot other than the busses take ages going round the resort before they leave to the parks.

    POR has the sit down restaurant which is OK but nothing to write home about to be honest and you can get to it from POFQ pretty quickly anyway.

    POR has a bar with Piano Bob who folks like, especially with kidlets. POFQ has a bar with Elliot Dyson playing Jazz and more I felt POFQ was more for adults

    POFQ has perhaps even better theming! It really feels close to a french quarter street and is very homey, relaxing. The food court has a good mix of options too.

    The bus service doesnt stop at FQ first ALL the time as people say, but it stops there first more often than POR. So that can be a small advantage.

    Honestly, every time someone asks me I change my mind as to which one I preferred both are wonderful.
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    Last year I visited both resorts (however I did not stay at either) and I found that I preferred the FQ. Riverside just seemed like I was living in the south, which I don't want to do, so I was a little turned off by that. (Nothing against those who love the south, just not my thing).

    I liked the small feeling of the FQ too.

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    we stayed at riverside in 07', found it nice, grounds were lovely, but it was huge, we ended up a long way from the food court etc.
    think we would go for FQ if we went again, like the compactness of it compared riverside.
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    We've stayed at Riverside twice & really liked it. Once we figured out we could request the building we wanted it made it much better. I think if I were to stay again I might try FQ tho, just for a change. I think they are both pretty nice & each have their own charms.
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