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Thread: How to book, diy or travel agent?

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    Hi again - how do we get the best deals these days? is it better to just go on the websites and book ourselves or use a travel agent?

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    Where are you? If you are coming over from another country, quite often a TA will be a wonderful asset. Our Val is great, so you can drop her a line if you like.

    Here, you can book your own, of course but if you aren't familiar with all the options Disney has, it's a great idea to get a Disney specialized TA. Our Johnie can help you there!

    I'd get quotes from TAs and then have a nosey around on my own. I've not ever been able to beat a TAs prices though.

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    great question!! I had the same one

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    DIY everytime unless you see a real good deal

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    I go for a TA every time. I want to have my holiday fully protected so that if anything goes wrong I can lift a phone and get it sorted - isnt that right Val?
    When we went to Orlando in 2006 it was at the height of the security scare and we were only allowed to carry our passports, money and little else. It was bad enough not being able to carry any hand luggage and having 2 teens in tow, but when everything went wrong with on line check in, Val was there to help a middle aged panicky woman.
    I havent been limited in any way by doing this, it has probably worked out cheaper and I have peace of mind as well.


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    I mostly do DIY holidays.

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    Doing it yourself is uaually cheaper and gives you a wider choice.

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    I've done both with good results.

    However, I'm a control freak, so I tend to perfer DIY.

    It's significantly much more work if you use DIY, so if you prefer to sit back and relax more during the planning process as well a the holiday, a TA would be perfect.

    As Tink said, Val in the UK and Johnie in the US are travel agents and certified Disney travel specialists. If you let them know what discounts you might be eligible for, they will pounce on them for you if any become available.

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