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Thread: We Booked A Cruise !

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    was on the Magic For Less website last night and came across an unbelieveable , unpassable deal . DCL WC $599 per person inside stateroom May 16th I literally stared at it in disbelief until it truly hit me ... this year .... months before the baby comes ... and the best part .... it was CHEAP . Dirt Cheap !!!
    I contacted my TA and copied the link to what I had found on my own . She said it must have been a new listing as they often get when all staterooms do not get booked . She told me to hang on while she contacted DCL . At first she was told, no availability . I texted I knew it was too good too still be available . Her next text was she found you one .
    Jimminey & I are booked . We are paying our deposit this weekend .
    We may even try to sneak a few days in at WDW .
    I even contacted Noland and told him saddle up the horses .

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    Wow! That's a fantastic deal Tinker!


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    That's a great deal Deb. What are your dates and how is Kim doing.

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    Thanks Siobhan ! Kimmys hormone levels are up high enough where they will now be able to see more than a sac and get an accurate due date . Her blood is RH factor which is scary . She has to rest these next few months , RH Factor can lead to early miscarriages . Thankfully, she is fine ! She has an awful lot of heartburn, but other than that , shes good .
    We leave May 16th, This Year ! I still can't believe we got this incredible deal . It's an inside stateroom, but who cares . I'm going on a Disney Cruise !!!

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    Thanks Taja ! Jimminey & I are quite excited .

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    How Exciting! I hope to do that one day as well, I'm looking forward to hearing your plans

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    Thanks disneymom . I have a lot of planning to do in these next four short months including ordering Jim his tux .

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    Sounds like a lovely break for the both of you! Enjoy yourselves, Sister Tinker.

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    Exciting news! Have a wonderful time and enjoy your planning!

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