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Thread: Weather and crowds in may or june

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    We're thinking about a may or june trip, how is the weather and how are the crowds in those months?

    Is may a lot better than june or is it the other way round?


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    Early May will be better than June as there are fewer children out of school. The crowds increase as it gets closer to the summer.

    Oh and it's just hot, but the same with the crowds, it gets warmer as the summer comes on.

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    Both months are nice. As forever ducky says there are more people around in June nearer the school holidays, I think the Americans break for summer in June as opposed to July over here. May be busy at Whitsun at the end of May. Whatever time you choose the weather should be great.

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    We've been twice during early June &the crowds were not as bad as I had thought but a lot of schools are still not out in early June. I would think May would no doubt be less crowded tho.

    In June it rained. A lot. So be prepared for sudden outbursts of rain & then just as sudden outbursts of sunshine. That's the good thing, they didn't seem to last all day or even for very long.
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