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Thread: Spoodles

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    Has anyone eaten at Spoodles recently?

    I've never eaten dinner there but as I'm staying at the Boardwalk it's so convenient I really want to give it a go.

    Any food recommendations?



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    You know, we haven't. When Spoodle's first opened it was really great. It got glowing praise in the local papers, and was really busy. Then it went through a period of time where it fell off. We ate there during that time and have never been back.

    I've heard it's gotten better, but I've not tried it myself to confirm.

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    We ate there in the summer Clare and felt it was quite good. The bread with olive oil was delicious and I enjoyed my red snapper. Michael had one of their specials and he was very disappointed as he only got six pieces of ravioli. Honestly, he was finished in a minute. The lemon pound cake with zabaglione gelato was very nice, as was the panna cotta. The one thing you may not like is that it can be very noisy. It is a family oriented restaurant but even I found the noise a bit too much, but there is a small area at the back which you could try and get seated in. I still enjoyed it though.


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    I'd heard some bad reports a while back too but when I stayed at the BWI in December 2007 the smells coming out of the restaurant were very appetising and it's got me thinking

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    Thanks Margaret - as you know me, honestly, do you think I'd feel comfortable eating there alone or would I be better off at somewhere like the Captains Grill where I've eaten before and know I'd feel comfortable.

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    I think the area at the back would be very suitable. Have you looked at the menu to check the options? I think they look quite good for gluten free choices. I like the Captain's Grille and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. It certainly was a lot quieter and the setting lovely.


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    Thanks Margaret, special diets put me in contact with one of the Spoodles chefs and they can make me a fresh gluten free flatbread which really sounds good, I fancy the steak for a main. I think I might still be on the fence about this one though.

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    Clare, the flatbreads are delicious there. We loved the four cheese bread. It was excellent. If you have a look on this page I have all my spoodles pictures posted.


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    Haven't eaten there in quite a while unfortunately. But the couple of times we did we enjoyed the food.

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    We were there in August and enjoyed it.... here's a mini-trippie:

    We walk all the way along to the wedding pavilion, taking a few photos, and then back to Spoodles for 5pm.

    There’s only a few minutes wait before we are shown to our table near the kitchens. Our server, Keith, is very helpful, particularly in trying to accommodate vegetarian Bethany.

    We order as follows: Mum & Dad & Amanda all have the lobster ravioli, Adam sausage rigatoni, Beth has a cheese pizza and I ask for the pork tenderloin, which I ask for as rare as is safe.

    Keith starts us off with some lovely foccaccia bread with a dipping sauce and a round of drinks.

    One of the chef’s comes across to check that I want the pork lightly done – he expresses a personal preference for the meat to be cooked this way too, and they are confident of their source, but has to give a standard health warning to anyone asking for anything under medium.

    Spoodles is in some ways the antidote to the mega portions in Florida – we have found that the quality of the food is excellent, and the portions are modest and manageable. So it proves today – the meal is lovely without being over-facing.

    Adam proclaimed his pasta the nicest he’s ever had (hey, what about my tuna pasta bake son? Cheeky!) and my tenderloin is delicious!

    Having not had a formal starter (although we tucked away two servings of the bread), everyone asks for dessert. Chocolate Cake x 4, an Amaretto Flan, and a Lemon Poundcake.

    Here’s the display of all the desserts in the foyer:

    The check (including the apparently standard 18% service charge for parties of 6 and over, which I’m still a bit annoyed at, even though the service has been fine here) is $240.


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