Oooo were so excited its flight day and we are all up at about 6am and all washed and dressed by 7.15. get all the cases down stairs and waiting to get the bus to the airport and to my disgust we have to PAY, 2 each for the amount we paid I thought wed get free courtesy bus there at least.

We arrive at the airport at about 8am and get rid of the cases straight away, and it only takes us about 30-40 minutes, which i'm well pleased about, and I was worrying last night that wed have to queue for at least a couple of hours. Now weve got rid of the cases we decide to go find somewhere to have brekkers, but I heaving so we decide to go to McDonalds as a last resort. Then the kids want to hit the duty free shops, but we tell them to wait until we get to Orlando. So we head to the boarding gate and at 10.15 the virgin flight VS 027 is called to board :woohoo: its like a stampede when cattle class is called after upper and premium economy, so I said to Denise well wait till the end and then board, I dont know what the rush is we all have our seats allocated its not as if you get on and can chose where you wanna sit. Not long after we start to pull away from the boarding gate and its time to go, jeez Ive waited 2 years for this. We have lift-off and were on our way to the USA. The screens come alive and decide to watch Spiderman 2 but cant get into it as Im drifting in and out of sleep, watch a bit more then doze for a bit and its like this all 8.5hrs of the flight. The flight seems to go very quickly and we have touched down at Orlando international, cos we are near the exit we disembark pretty quick and get through immigration in about hr, its a miracle the new procedures dont really make an impact, forefinger of right and left hand scanned and photo taken, its a synch, except that is for Denise when asked to put finger on pad she sticks it up to the camera, I nearly pee meself with laughter and the officer dont even break into a smile just kept telling her to put her forefinger on the pad, miserable lifeless git. Then its off to get our baggage for the first time and after a few cases come up the carousel breaks down and have to wait about 10 minutes to be told we have to move to a different one all of a sudden the cases start to come up a rate of knots, collect them then get rid of them again and after a while we have got to the dollar desk and only takes 20 minutes to get sorted out across the road we troupe to the little hut in the garage to get allocated a dodge caravan, never had one of these before. Then its off into the wild blue yonder and try to find the 528 to get onto I4, and we make a wrong turn, have to do a quick turnaround somewhere to get back on track, get to the I$ then the 192 and then the 27 to polo park and the management company office is closed so I have to get the documents out to find out what the keypad no is to get to the document in the box on the wall, get them and the resort weve been allocated is directly opposite in the esprit resort. Finally find the villa and it looks real nice, everyones out of the van in no time to get into the villa and have a nose around the place, we then get all the cases out and decide to go to wall-mart do get some groceries in, cos we are starving, so we head down to Haines city to the big one there and the kids are off like a shot and it takes us ages to find them after we finish the shopping a huge great trolley load of goodies including the customary 1 gallon tub of ice-cream, vanilla and chocklit flavour mmmmmmmmm yummy We are all getting a bit tired by now so we settle down watch a bit of telly and go to bed ready to hit the shops in the morning.