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Thread: How scary is the tower of terror?

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    I have a friend who says she hates it because falling on accident is enough for her....forget about falling on purpose..

    Half the time you dont know if you are going up or down!

    I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this ride and I too have taken a 3 year old on it...and they cried..but then asked to go on it again...well at Disneyland

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    we got denise on it on our first trip just said to her its pretty tame, she came off white as a ghost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 94580
    The build up is the scariest part to it - the atmosphere is what makes this ride so special - my 3 year old rode it and loved it
    Completely agree with this. This is my favorite ride in all of WDW.

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    I was mega scared when i went on it in October as hadnt been on it for 5 years, but when you actually get passed the first drop you realise it isnt that high, my 7 year old sister had her arms up. The build up is the scariest bit. Disney is all based around kids so dont think they can make it overly scary.

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    Not for me! I've been on it twice (slow learner) and won't be doing it again thanks. Don't like the sensation AT ALL!!!

    The second time we were on it, Herself's 70+ year old Mom was with us. She's yelling, "Whoooohooooooo!" on the drops and I'm hanging on for dear life doing Lamaze coaching breaths! LOLOLOLOL.

    Nope. Not a drop down fast person tatall!

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    Lol Tink! Imagine you being scared and your Mom going Whoooooo! Personally it is my favourite ride in any theme park anywhere. I am proud to say I have kept a personal count and have ridden ToT 47 times.


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    Oh. My. GOSH!!!!

    I can do Splash Mountain (and enjoy it) does that count?

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    Ha ha, i think the scariest thing about the rides in disney are the gift shops at the end, we had 4 year old triplets and a 7 year old so had to march them through sharpish so they didnt have chance to say "I want that" after ever ride, lol.

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    Four year old triplets! HOLY COW!! You are one brave lady! Four children under 8 overwhelms me just to think about it!

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    There was 6 adults, it was good fun, they were good as gold but a little excited which was nice

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