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Thread: Star wars weekends?

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    Can anyone tell me what happens at the star wars weekends at disney hollywood studios? is it an event you have to pay for?

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    I found this on the official Disney site for you

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    Sorry, have just seen this.

    No, it's not a special ticketed event. You can attend any Star Wars Weekend special function at DHS with the price of admission.

    They have special meet and greets with the actors who portray the characters, there is a schedule of who will be there when.

    There are Star Wars costumed characters all about, particularly by the Star Tours attraction. It's rather fun to be overrun by Ewoks!

    There are meet and greets and photo ops with the costumed characters. You'll even see some guests costumed.

    The Jedi Training Academy is very popular and in full swing, too.

    It's a neat little fun event if you are into Star Wars.

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