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Thread: How can we see the utilidors?

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    Hi I know there's at least one tour which shows you the corridors but I think you have to be over 16 to go on a tour? is there any other way to see them ?

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    To the best of my knowledge the only way to see them is the Keys to the Kingdom Tour and yes you must be over sixteen.

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    Short of becoming an employee of Disney World, I do believe the only avenue would be one of the tours...

    If you're 16 or over, I would HIGHLY recommend the tours, they truly are interesting!

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    Or there's a video on You Tube. :wink:

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    I do all the tours I can! You can see them on at least keys to the kingdom and backstage magic. Maybe some of the others too.

    Then yeah, there's youtube

    I must say that I think they do the tours very well and far from destroying the magic, it pointed out magic to me that I had otherwise been unaware of.
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    I didn't think the KTTK tour destroyed the magic for me at all! Alysia and I went last Feb and it was awesome. I think we both pretty much cried the whole time......

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    Where or how do you get on a Keys tour and how much? going first 2 weeks in June so would like to see it.

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