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Thread: A rocking, Christmas adventure in the Wilderness - Day 2

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    A rocking, Christmas adventure in the Wilderness - Day 2


    Me – Loves all things Disney, also loves planning and writing lists.
    DH – Loves all things Disney. Hates planning and loathes my lists lol.
    DS1 – Luuuuuuvs big coasters, Goofy, Swimming and all things Star wars.
    DS2 – Is glad he is finally tall enough to get on some cool coasters. Loves all things Disney, loves my lists and is my planning buddy.

    Day 2 – Magic Kingdom

    We are all up early and ready to head for our ADR at the Crystal palace. It’s another bright blue skied day. We love the Crystal Palace. We are shown to our table which has been covered in Mickey confetti and there is a fast pass for us all to Mickey’s Philharmagic show, courtesy of Ryan.

    Breakfast is fab as ever. I love the sugary French toast in here. Soon Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore come round for hugs and photos. DS2 joins in the pooh-rade and DS1 eats his own weight in food lol

    At this point My family have asked me to stop taking photos of food as it's wierd!!!!lol

    Full and happy we head out into the park.

    We ride.
    The jungle cruise – Our guide today was hilarious and the corny jokes came thick and fast.
    We fast pass Thunder Mountain
    Flying carpets
    We then use our fast passes from Ryan at Mickey’s Phillharmagic
    Splash Mountain next
    We ride the train round the park as we wait for our BTM fast pass window.
    BTM next
    Haunted Mansion

    We catch the parade next

    The kids want to go and play on Tom Sawyer’s Island for a while.
    DH and I sit and soak up the sun while they explore the place.

    Back to rides now lol
    Peter Pan
    Buzz Lightyears spin
    Monster Inc’s laugh floor comedy club, Soooooo funny

    We take the boat back to the hotel to freshen up for our ADR at ‘O

    The food here is fab, but there is so much of it. We are given a window seat right in front of the castle and wonder again if it has something to do with Ryan.
    DS2 loves the dancing, parading, coconut racing and limbo dancing. TBH he hardly ate a thing as he was never at the table.

    We head down to the beach just beyond the Volcano pool to watch wishes.

    I would say this was the chilliest day we had. We definitely needed our fleeces.

    Back to the hotel and bed, Salami DS2’s Lamb had a wee friend to keep him company.

    Thanks for reading xxxxxxx

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    There is nothing weird about taking photos of food.

    I like Ryan.

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    Suprise fastpass! Cracking!

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    Ryan is great!

    The French Toast at CP is the best!

    Sounds like a great first day


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    Ooh we're loving Ryan!

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