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Thread: A rocking, Christmas adventure in the Wilderness - Day 5

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    A rocking, Christmas adventure in the Wilderness - Christmas day


    Me Ė Loves all things Disney, also loves planning and writing lists.
    DH Ė Loves all things Disney. Hates planning and loathes my lists lol.
    DS1 Ė Luuuuuuvs big coasters, Goofy, Swimming and all things Star wars.
    DS2 Ė Is glad he is finally tall enough to get on some cool coasters. Loves all things Disney, loves my lists and is my planning buddy.

    Christmas Day

    Itís Christmas!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!! Santa came to Scotland though and not Florida but I had bought a few bits and pieces to put under our room tree.

    If you look really closely at this photo you can see the boys lol.

    They both got a lanyard with some pins a plushie each, DS1 Goofy and DS2 Donald, some little Starr wars figures and some sweets.

    It was now time to head for our ADR at the grand Floridian for Breakfast with Mary Poppins. This was probably our worst meal of the holiday. The staff were unfriendly, our server was quite rude and never about when we needed something. The Characters were good but rushed. Tigger wouldnít bounce for the wee boy at the next table to us. We had finished our breakfast and were waiting to meet the mad hatter before we left but he walked right past our table so we asked our server if she could ask him to come back. She said he was on a break now and would be 5 mins. 20 mins later we were still waiting. He did show up eventually and was quite rude. He said he had come to our table but we had been at the buffet. This wasnít the case as we go to the buffet in twos if you know what I mean.
    The food was OK but no where near as nice as the Beach club had been the day before. This may have been a one off though as they were very busy as It was Christmas morning.

    We didnít take to this hotel much. Donít get me wrong it looks lovely and if you had little princesses it would be a lovely place to stay. We did however feel it had a pretentious feel to it.

    We had a chat with the old man at the front door who was not pretentious and very friendly. He also had some interesting stories about the hotel.

    OK our plan today was to go to the magic kingdom then back to our room to change for dinner then back to the Magic Kingdom in the evening. Heeheeheehee!!!!!!!!!

    We left the Grand Floridian and seen the massive queue for the Magic Kingdom and thought nooooooooooo! So I said the kids could choose what they fancied. They both asked for the animal Kingdom so off we went. This park was also packed but not on par with the MK. We decided not to do rides as we didnít want to spend Christmas day in queues. First we went to see finding Nemo which was a first for us, we loved it

    More to come......

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    DS2 loved his lanyard and got right into the pin trading lol, so we did a bit of that, then we went down and met some Characters. No line here, the kids then played in the Bone yard for a while. It was really hot so we decided to head back to the hotel. On the way out we popped into itís tough to be a bug, which had only a ten min wait. When we came out the ground was wet so there must have been a rain shower, the only one of our holiday lol.

    We headed back to the hotel and straight over to the pin trading cart lol. It was nice hanging out in the hotel lobby. The atmosphere was fab Mickey Mouse was there and they were handing out free cookies and lemonade. Our room was on the 5th floor so we took our cookies up to the fifth floor viewing area where it was soooo quiet and chilled on the rocking chairs for a while.

    We headed back to the room and down to the pool. DS1 swam, DS2 joined in with all the fun and games at the side of the pool and swam while DH and I sunbathed lol The ducks came over to wish us a merry Christmas.

    Back to our room to get ready for our ADR at Artist point. We decided to dress up and make it special. We arrive and are shown to our table. Our server is Sean who is very knowledgeable about the menu and the wine list.

    Both DH and I decide on the wine flight.

    DH, DS1 and I order the Smoky Portobello Soup for starters which is lovely.
    DS2 has melon.

    The wine was a very pleasant white Chardonnay. Iím not a huge fan of chardonnay but this was very dry and accompanied the soup perfectly.

    For our main course I ordered the Signature Plate - Cedar Plank Roasted Pacific King Salmon. I loved this. It came with Brussels sprouts which gave it a Christmassy feel.
    I had it cooked medium as was recommended by Sean. It was cooked to perfection, firm on the outside and juicy in the middle. I would have liked some more pork belly with it mind you. It was welcome after all the red meat and junk food we had been eating.

    The wine that accompanied this dish was delicious so much so that my DH asked if he could also have a glass. It was my intention to go back to buy a bottle which I never got round to. I canít remember what it was called either, so if anyone is dining at Artist Point soon, I would be extremely grateful if you can ask about it for me.

    DH had the Roasted Chicken Breast - with chorizo and cannellini bean ragout. He again loved the change from the red meat he had been consuming of late. He said the Chicken was so tasty. He did think there was slightly too much cannellini beans though.

    DH liked the wine that accompanied this but preferred my wine lol

    DS1 who still felt the need to eat more red meat ordered the New York strip cooked medium. It came with broccoli and root mash. Iím assuming he liked it as there wasnít anything left on his plate lol He said the steak was nicer than the one at Le Cellier.

    DS2 had Mac and cheese. Lol classy eh????? He loved it by the way. Heeheehee!

    At this point the chef came over to our table to chat to us about our meal. He was so down to earth and lovely. When DH commented about how tasty his chicken had been. He said it was all in the quality of the bird and nothing to do with the cooking lol. He told us that if people were looking for fancy cuisine then this wasnít the restaurant for them and that they were all about good quality ingredients cooked well.
    He commented on DS1 saying how lovely it was to see a young man of 13 properly dressed eating a proper meal at the table. Then they had a wee discussion about the steak lol

    DH and I both had cobbler with Seasonal berries and housemaid black raspberry ice cream. This was lovely but I wouldnít call it a cobbler. It was nice having some fruit though.

    The wine that came with this was an extremely sweet desert wine. Itís the kind of thing my Mum and aunty jean drink on Christmas day while watching the Queens Speech lol I loved it but DH thought it was vile lol so I had his too.

    The boys both had paint your own Mickey white chocolate puzzle for pudding.

    Before our check came the greeter from the podium came over to speak to the boys. She wanted to tell them how lovely they looked. DS2 became all embarrassed lol.

    Sorry no food pics again!!!!!!

    We headed back to the room after having some photopass photos done by the tree.

    Our plan was to head over to the Magic Kingdom but we decided after such a lovely meal we should do something more traditional lol We put our jammies on and watched Holes on the ABC family channel.

    We really ended up loving our Christmas day even if it wasnít how we had planned.

    Sorry this report dragged on a bit.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Fantasic Christmas day but I cannot beleive your famil talked you out of taking food pics!

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    What a lovely christmas day! You got so much done as well!


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    Aw it sounds really fabulous hun X And your DS's look lovely and smart X

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