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Thread: Esta changes to immigration? is it slower??

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    Hiya with having to fill in those online esta forms, does it make immigration faster or the same or slower?

    Do we have to scan all ten fingers yet or is that something different

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    I dont think anyone really knows yet since the system is so new

    They were still only scanning two fingers in december but that will probably change to all ten soon. I dont believe that will be MUCH slower since they'll probably do the fingers either altogether or in two lots of four.. then the thumbs

    I think ESTA will allow them to correlate all the data beforehand though so you may see a marginal improvement on time when in front of the immigration guy (and I suspect all those folks who say they've got away without a visa even though theyve committed offences etc. may well start being caught out before they've even left England.)
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    I shall let you know in 2 weeks or so

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