We had every intention of having a lie in this morning as we didn’t get to bed until 3.30am our time and we had been up early for travelling the day before….but, our heads were buzzing and we were up at stupid o’clock. We were in Florida….we were excited…..we were happy.

We got ourselves ready and we jump into POC (our pet name for the hire car....work it out!!). We check we have our dollars, travellers cheques and park passes….we’re set for the day. We wave a hello to a lady walking her dog in the street as if we are locals and she waves back with a smile that says “tourists”

Within 15 minutes we are driving under the WDW welcome sign…..even this brings a tear to my eyes. It seems the older I get, the more emotional I get! At the same time DH and I both shout “I can see the Cirque tent” We park up behind the Virgin store and can’t wait to get out into the sunshine. I don’t know what it is but, we always feel special when we are in Florida.

We decide to start at Westside and work our way to the Marketplace. We are out earlier than expected so there is no rush. First off, we go to the ticket counter at Cirque Du Soleil and pick up our tickets for next Saturdays show which I booked online back home. This was really quick…..I showed the lady my ID and within the second, our tickets were placed in front of us. We then go into the Cirque shop. I don’t buy anything here as I already have the DVD and book from the previous visit and, nothing else jumps out and says “buy me” DH did quite like a t/shirt here but resists.

We go past DisneyQuest and there is a queue already forming even though it doesn’t open for an hour. Our plan is to come back here later this afternoon if there is time so that DH can beat me at Mr. Do and PacMan!

We wander over and have a quick look in the House of Blues shop….I thought DH may have been able to get a sauce there that he’s looking for but it wasn’t to be. Next we enter the Virgin Megastore and I am totally shocked that we don’t spend any money in here …..of course we are to go back at a later date and remedy that! We then check to see what’s on at the movies this week and three films catch our eye so we’ll be back one evening.

Next we see Bongos Cuban Café and they have a window open serving take out food. We decide to have a quick bite here. We both order a sandwich. I choose the chicken with lettuce tomato and mayo while DH opts for the steak version…..when they come, they both have fries with them. DH has a hot tea and I have a soft drink. The total came to $18.06 with tax. They were delicious sandwiches but we couldn’t eat it all.

We drool for a while at the chocolate covered strawberries at the Candy Cauldren and watch (as you do) the lady make some dreamy concoctions to cover the apples with. I make a mental note to come back here on the night we go to the movies for my favourite …..the chocolate toffee mallow square.

Magnetron is next….I’ve promised a neighbour that I would bring her a fridge magnet back to add to her collection. I chose a very nice dolphin scene with ‘Florida’ written underneath. Next was Planet Hollywood shop…..again nothing caught my eye. We then wander over the bridge and through Pleasure Island. None of the clubs are open but we chat about how we will come back one evening for the Comedy Warehouse and the Adventurers Club. Over the next bridge and into the Marketplace….this is more like it!! My eyes light up and I can here cash registers ringing in my ears. I spot my favourite shop ever…..World of Disney. First I look for a new photo album, then a watch, then a t/shirt, then the Xmas Mickey plush. I could spend hours in here alone.

The next shop that is shouting for me to enter is the Pin Traders. I collect Steamboat Willie pins…..also Walt with Mickey pins. I manage to spend just under $100 here and DH buys me a beautiful Mickey pin that has diamante on it.

We then go into Mickey’s pantry and have a giggle at some of the items for sale here. DH buys a mug with a lid on it to use at work when he gets home. The store with the scrap booking items is our next call and I am disappointed that they don’t have the Mickey desk accessories that they had last year as I was going to buy them for my computer desk. We go through to the Art of Disney….I love this shop. It always has items in here that I would dearly love but are way out of my price range. I spot a painting that I would love. It is Walt and he is on the set of a Steamboat Willie production. The lady at the desk tells me it is a new painting that they only got in stock yesterday. I didn’t even dare ask the price as I know I would never be able to afford it. Instead, I get myself the ‘Partners’ ornament and I love it. This is the statue of Walt and Mickey that is in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom.

We decide to head back to the car and go to Celebration while we still had some daylight left. We’ve never been to Celebration before but have heard tales that it is wonderful to weird! It doesn’t take us long to get there and as we drive past some of the houses they all seem to be white and a lot of them have Christmas lights on the porches and in the gardens. The place seems to be absolutely packed and we spot one parking space and go for it. Then I remember….Disney are doing a live radio show from here today called Radio Disney Jingle Jam. We saw a young lady and her dancers called Keke Palmer, Mitchel Musso (Oliver on “Hannah Montana") and Drew Seeley (High School Musical.) Kids are screaming everywhere and I feel like I am 101 years old! :p

I wanted to go to the church to maybe light a candle for my Mam so we walked back in the direction we came in and found the church. It was closed.

I decided to go and buy my stamps at the post office for all of my postcards. It was closed. It was only 3.45pm. We headed back to the lake area and walked around it enjoying the peace and quiet away from the crowds. We watched a few birds and a squirrel kept us entertained for a while too.

We then went over and got a seat by the fountains where some kids were playing. They were having a fantastic time ducking and diving from the water as it shot up from the ground. There was a father there with what I assume to be his two daughters. They were eating blue ice cream which was everywhere on the youngest girl…..it looked like some one had been painting her face. The oldest daughter was having fun but, the youngest was thrilled at getting so wet and her laughter was contagious.


Dusk was upon us so we headed back to the shopping area passing a guy with a toddler who was sitting on a bench. As we passed them, the little boy looked up at us and gave us the biggest, cheekiest, grin I have ever seen in my life. I shall remember that for quite some time.

Next stop is Sherlock's where we are going for a bite to eat.

I recognise it immediately from the red phone box standing outside. There is an indoor and an outdoor seating area and we choose the outdoor….checking out the cakes as we pass. DH asks for a baked potato with cheese which they are out of so he has Heinz baked beans on toast and I have raviolli. DH then has a vanilla slice while I have a slice of apple pie. The apple pie was lovely but I wish I’d ordered vanilla slice!! DH being the kind fella that he is, let me have some of his to try and it was delicious. Why do you always fancy what some one else orders when the food comes? We wash this down with a hot tea and a coke. As we eat, we watch the horse draw carriages take groups of people for rides around the town.

It is 6 o’clock and time for the snowfall on Market Street. There is quite a crowd gathered because of the radio show and everyone seems to be in a good mood around us. The snow starts and I admit to being very under whelmed by it. It comes out from what looks like (but isn’t) little bird boxes in the trees and to be honest, it was pitiful. Maybe we just caught it on a bad day but it didn’t float my boat so we decided to head to Florida Mall as DH wanted to buy a new ipod.

Florida Mall was open until midnight tonight so we had plenty of time to find the Apple Store. DH bought his ipod, a case for it and some earphones. I then head to Sephora where I want to check out the Smashbox cosmetics and their prices. While in this shop we see some sights that make it hard not to stare…..but each to his own and we turn our backs. I notice that I’ve got marks from the sun where my arms and neck were uncovered so try the Bodyshop for some sun lotion but they don’t sell it. Getting a bit weary, we call it a day and head back to the villa where DH checks out his bargains and I am asleep within 5 minutes after walking through the door