Well I am now 30 weeks pregnant and everything seems to be going along just fine! Hooray! I guess this little one is not going to give me as much trouble as little Katelyn did So I just need to keep taking it easy like I have been and I just need to pay close attention to body and baby. Basically at this point and with my history if something doesn't seem right then off to the hospital with me But our little man is kicking and seems to be running out of room already Most of the time I have a foot sticking out over here or a butt on the other side. He might be a big one So back to the doctor in 3 weeks and then after that I think I will be on an every 2 week schedule.

In other news Daddy is currently painting what will be Katelyn's big girl room!! The walls in that room were Buzz Lightyear blue and what a nightmare to cover We have 3 coats of primer and now the first coat of pink is going up. We (meaning Dh) should have it painted by the end of the week and she should be moving over the weekend. Then we are free to shop around and pick a theme for the nursery so we can make any color changes etc. before we get the crib and dresser. Things seems to be coming along pretty well. I remember with Katelyn's nursery in the old house we were still doing drywall work a month before she came, so I am much more relaxed this time

Ok that is all I have to report. You may now get back to your regularly scheduled programming :D