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Thread: dollar rate?

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    The pound seems to buy less dollars than ever, it was a real shock when we looked does anyone have any idea whether to buy now or wait until later in the year when we go to get some? I know its guesswork but (

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    It comes around and goes around - it was 1.30ish in 1996 when we went I think

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    well the tourist rate is up 5 cents on yesterday

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    Thats because i have already bought ours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 100146
    Thats because i have already bought ours

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    i think if it goes up to 1.50 again i will start buying for this year

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    I will be happy if it goes back up to 1.50 and think myself lucky that we are able to go at all even though we will have to cut way back.

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    I think there will be small rises, but certainly not back to the unsustainable levels of this last year..... post 9/11 we were getting 1.34 so it's really just going back to normal, but just happened at an alarmingly fast rate !!

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    If we can 1.50 i'll be happy -just need to save more as i know how many dollars we want to take -just the amount of pounds i need goes up!!

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    it's back up to 1.39/1.40 today, i don't know how long i can keep my nerve

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