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Thread: virgin merges some flights in feb/march

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    Just read this

    Due to the current economic climate Virgin have cancelled the following VS027/028 (LGW/MCO) flights.
    All passengers will now be reprotected onto the same days VS015/016

    Friday 30th January 2009
    Sunday 01st February 2009
    Monday 02nd February 2009
    Tuesday 03rd February 2009
    Tuesday 17th February 2009
    Tuesday 03rd March 2009
    Wednesday 04th March 2009
    Friday 6th March 2009
    Sunday 08th March 2009
    Monday 9th March 2009
    Thursday 12th March 2009
    Friday 13th March 2009
    Sunday 15th March 2009

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    Thanks for the heads up they do this from time to time - we only found this out at the airport one year!!

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    happened to us too once, only found out at the airport and despite being there a good three hours early, they said they had no seats for us :-O

    Some moaning later they found some seats in upper class which was nice
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