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Thread: Please help me i need to be firm but

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    Quote Originally Posted by mainecoon lover, post: 100251
    Thankyou all . She is a good carer and we value her but i will not be walked over. Think i need to become more asertive (sw). Some excellent advice.
    britchick i am hoping and hoping we get individualised budgets here in Cornwall but as long as they are done properly.
    don't get me wrong Michelle, i would love for them to work but i've grown quite cynical lol

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    personally im so glad we have not got direct payments , as you know we are still waiting for social services to find us carers for heather even after 3 1/2 months but there is no way in the world i could put up with people treating me how you have been treated i would have to speak my mind and i suppose they would leave or i would have to sack them , so i suppose i would have a large turn over in carers and that is just not fair on heather so we wait for social to get there fingers out and find us some .meanwhile we just get to see heather twice a week once when she comes home and once when we go to see her on a sunday .
    good luck with how ever you choose to deal with the carer hope it gets sorted ok for you

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