Please help me someone. I need to be firm without sounding hard. I employ carers as you all know and they are great carers but i am being walked all over. I did have to sack one last week which i hated but i was doing all the work whilst she played with the cats and it had gone on for months . I finally snapped. I now have an issue were one of them comes in and says i want a weekend off in Feb and will tell you nearer the time. They have in their contract that they have to give 3 months notice. I do sway this alot of the time and just say yes. But the fact is they did not ask was it ok they just demanded it. When i said ok can they please give me notice as i will need to cover it with someone else due to dh working weekends at the moment they stompped off . Was i being unreasonable. I pay them really well, they get fuel allowance and most days they get to leave an hour early. So how do i handle this without causing an atmosphere.