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Thread: What do you get with annual passes?

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    Hiya, Im trying to work out whether it would be better to go with annual passes for Disney or ultimate uk tickets

    Do you get any extras with the annual passes and where do you buy them from?

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    You can purchase them at any gate, or at Guest Relations at DTD. You may be able to get them from WDW resorts too (I'm never too sure on what they sell there).

    APs come with many perks. I won't get them all listed, but you'll get an idea.

    There are AP rates for rooms from time to time. They are very nice!

    There is the discounts available at the World of Disney in DTD and some of the other shops. Always ask if they offer an AP discount.

    There are many restaurants that offer an AP discount.

    There is an AP website where you can keep up on all the perks.

    There are AP events. Fun things that are usually quite well attended. Often it will be an AP only admission to a new attraction, and the like.

    Well worth it if you plan on visiting the parks for at least 10 days per year (the year that your AP applies, of course, it's not a calendar year, it's an anniversary date year).

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    Two words: Fantastic Discounts.

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    Ooops, meant to add that you get discounts on some of the special tours, and on the water craft too.

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    And free parking?

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    Yes, free parking.

    You are also eligible to buy the Tables in Wonderland dining discount card.

    Yak and Yeti at Animal Kingdom ONLY offers the AP discount.

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    Right! Free Parking! That's a big deal for many. Yep, and the old DDE, now Tables In Wonderland. You'll get a discount on that purchase too.

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    I love that they call it Tables in Wonderland..I cant wait to pick up my AP in May!

    I havent been a Disney AP holder since 2005!!

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