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Thread: Internet access at Disney?

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    I dont think they have those terminals around the parks they used to have so how can I get access now?

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    If you are taking a laptop or netbook, the rooms have broadband service for $9.95 for 24 contiguous hours. It's also possible to jerry-rig the telephone line if you have dial-up service. Not fast, but if you just need it briefly, it is economical.

    There are computers (at least two) in the business centers at CSR, YC/BC and I believe the GF. There also may be a business center at the Contemporary. I think the rate was about $10 for 15 minutes in 2004--not sure what it is now.

    If you just need to check in online for a return flight, guest services in the parks or any of the resorts will do it for you. You'll need the information for each person you are checking in. And you'll need to be there while they're doing it, so you need to time it for the 24-hour (or other time frame) window.

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    There's also wifi access in some lobbies (such as the grand floridian) so with a laptop, you can sit there and buy access to do whatever you like

    The contemporary refurbed tower rooms have just got full computers of their own too. Free to use for Web stuff and very handy indeed (hope they roll it out to other hotels if they havent already!)
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    V. nice indeed

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