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Thread: Just a little game

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    If someone says "is this ok" you say?

    Blind in Texas

    What would best describe your personality?

    Childhoods End

    What do you like in a girl/guy?

    Family Business

    How do you feel today?

    Eyes wide open

    What is your life's purpose?

    Your Song

    What is your motto?


    What do your friends think of you?

    White feather :rolleyes

    What do you think about very often?

    The company man

    What is 2+2?
    On the beach at night alone, largo - a sea symphony

    What do you think of your best friend

    Who wants to live forever

    What do you think of the person you love?


    What is your life story?

    Bitter Suite - lol epic!!!!

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    How Far Jerusalem

    What do your parents think of you?

    Neon Wilderness

    What will you dance to at your wedding?


    What is your biggest secret?

    Holidays in Eden

    What's the worst thing that could happen?

    Ruby Tuesday

    What is the one thing you regret?


    What makes you laugh?

    Piano concerto in F allegro agiotato

    What makes you cry?

    Lucky 1995 remix

    What will they play at your funeral?


    An eclectic taste in music I have

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    What is your biggest secret?

    Holidays in Eden
    Well at least it wasnt Holiday in Cambodia...

    And what the enemy will see? They will see the flash of our cannons, and they will hear the ringing of our swords, and they will know what we can do! By the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs and the courage in our hearts! Gentlemen, hoist the colors!

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