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Thread: dry skin and feel bad on planes?

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    Does anyone else feel really uncomfortable on the flight to orlando?

    Ive found its worse if I have any of the food so I just drink water now but still feel ill, bloated and its not helped by my eyes and skin being dry

    Does anyone have any suggestions to ease it a bit?

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    it doesn't make me feel too great either. I tend to drink as much water as i can and not each much like you.

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    i hate that dry feeling

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    i wonder if drinking something like powerade would help

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    I reckon I've tried everything over the years to no avail my hair gets weird, skin dry, eyes awful and I feel twice as huge as normal

    People have said they take indigestion tablets for the bloated feeling and moisturisers for the dry akin
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    on my first trans atlantic flight i took my shoes off on the way back and couldn't get them back on. I had to walk through the terminal in gatwick in october with no shoes on until my feet had come down a bit.

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    I've started to become uncomfortable on flights for the same reasons myself. I carried a small tube of hand cream with me, but can't honestly say that helped too much. I drink so much water it's silly, but it doesn't help on flights. I've read (but not tried) that having a small spray/spritzer bottle with you and spritzing your face from time to time will help. I can't quite go there. I'm afraid I'd feel to wicked silly.

    I made the mistake of drinking half a small serving of (diet) soda on the flight home. I was terribly uncomfortable as a result. Stupid move I won't repeat again!

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    Most beverages and food served on flights contain a lot of sodium. That contributes to dehydration. And despite the fact that cabins are pressurized, you're at a very high altitude for an extended period of time on transatlantic flights. Moisturizers help, but your body knows something isn't quite right and is letting you know.

    Drinking water is good. If you want to eat, take fresh nuts (no salt) or similar foods and eat a small amount several times during the flight. You'll probably still feel bloated, but at least you won't be hungry.

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    I always carry moisturised wet-wipes for my skin.

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