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Thread: Carpe Diem Feb 09 Pre Tip - Packing

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    The virgin VS16 is still on but been delayed by a couple of hours - looks like there was only th eone flight today anyway

    It is bucketing down here - not forecast at all - met office says occasional light showers

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    don't get any grit or sand in your wetsuit!

    it will be fine for Friday, try not to worry

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    hmm, heavysnow for gatwick Thursday night tho - One of my partners has been stuck on the M25 since 6 am and not moved an inch

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    are you going up the night before?
    if not might be worth going so at least if you have to sit and wait your there

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    you know how the weather report changes

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    Airport hotel?

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    I'm simply going to follow you around throwing all sorts of into the air.

    I hope it doesn't make you sneeze!

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    yes we are going up the night before

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    Okay, runways can be cleared, planes de-iced.

    Be sure to pack what you have to wear under the wetsuit.

    Florida awaits!

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    VS15 left 110 minutes late today but it did leave which is the important thing.

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