That is true, USCWest. However, by virtue of working at WDW, many of the employees have incentives available to them on their rent and mortgages.

Also, it's not the public's responsibility to supplement the wages of anyone who has a low paying job. The nurse's aids in the ALFs that I inspect work for much the same wage. If anyone deserves a tip, they do. It is unprofessional for them to accept any monetary or gift of any sort though. Same for baggers at Publix. They are not allowed to accept tips.

I personally feel (with the exception of servers) that tipping demeans any given profession or position. And yes, I've worked my fingers to the bone in minumum wage jobs before, so I do know what I'm talking about. I held four part time jobs at once (at one point in my life) just to make minimum ends meet. No tips involved. :)

Eeeeesh. Sorry to get on a soapbox, but tipping in the US has really gotten out of hand, and I honestly feel that it encourages surly service more than it promotes pleasant service. :(