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Thread: How does disney magical express work?

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    Hi there

    Is there any way to tell how long our bags will take to get to our room when we use the dme service?

    and how many resorts does it stop at?

    if its going to take a long time and stop everywhere Id rather just get a taxi I think

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    It does stop at many resorts. Not sure if the stopping is governed by who is on the bus at any given time, or is a laid out rigid route.

    Can't help with bags, but I know I've "heard" that it can take up to three hours. (Not counting our poor Dorothy's experience which was not the best).

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    Typically, there are two or three resort stops, depending on the number of people scheduled to arrive--and actually arriving--at a given time. They schedule more buses if more people are scheduled and they try to sort them by resort, so it is likely there will be fewer stops during busier periods. Delayed flights skew things, of course, as do walk-ups.

    Luggage delivery is about three to four hours, on average. Pack anything you need for the first 24 hours in a carry-on just in case. Good idea whether using DME or not, actually!

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    3-4 hours for bags (and we've had them arrive in the early hours :/ )

    3 resorts yep and ours always seems to be the last one.

    In December there was a huge queue to checkin at DME in the airport and then there was a wait for the bus to accumulate enough people to leave followed by it going all round disney before getting to our stop.

    Don't know really. It's free which is great and means we don't need to wait around for our bags AGAIN, I really hate the 2 bag claims, but other than that, a nice town car can't be beaten.
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    If you let DME deliver your luggage you can expect for it to take anywhere from 4-6 hours. Everyone's luggage first goes to a distribution point and then is sorted into delivery trucks that go to the resorts.

    BTW, I know this because my luggage gets lost every time I try and use the DME luggage services and the last time I made someone explain exactly how it works to me

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    We didn't have a problem with luggage, we just collected ours and took it to the coach with us, but the trouble started when we were still standing at the resort bus stop over an hour after we should have been picked up. We ended up pleading with another driver who was dropping guests off and he eventually agreed to take us to the airport. I've still no idea where our coach was.
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