As you will all remember Beth had to have her VNS resited due to the surgeons putting it in the wrong place. Well this was done early December 2008. Well what can i say but its a complete lash up . She has so many side affects with it they have had to put it on a low setting and it is not controlling her seizures. She has spent the whole of the week having seizures on waking and needing rescue meds.
Her side affects are hardly any voice which has not improved at all in the last 9 weeks, she can not swallow fluids with out coughing. Until they turned it down on monday she had spent the two weeks from when it was switched back on coughing and sneezing all the time. They had left it off for 6 weeks to give her time for everything to settle and staff holidays plus Christmas.
I am completley devestated and very worried about all the seizures she is having.