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Thread: boma or jiko?

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    we'll have time for one meal at the animal kingdom lodge so want to choose carefully

    Which is better, boma or jiko?

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    Boma is a buffet and Jiko is a more formal restaurant. Both are exellent it just depends what you want. Do you have children?

    If it was me going i would go to both - i guess if i really had to choose it would be Boma for its more informal atmosphere and i like to taste little bits of lots of things.

    if you have a look in the recipe section you will find menus from both to help you make the decision.

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    are they in the animal kingdom or the hotel by it? Can we go there to eat if we dont stay there?

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    they are in the Animal Kingdom lodge which has free parking and yes you can go and have a look at any of the resorts if you're not staying. Animal Kingdom lodge is one of the must sees.

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    Wow. Tough choice. Like Brit, I like to have tastes of many things if I am going out to eat, and Boma does a really nice job of a fairly unique buffet selection.

    Having said that, we love Jiko. The appetizer, Tastes of Africa is incredible.

    It will depend upon your personal preference, of course and the amount you wish to spend (Boma being more budget friendly).

    Keep in mind that Boma has a rotational menu for portions of its buffet (carving meat and soups...etc.).

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    I like both. Boma is the best bet if you want to try all sorts of different things. They do a really good job with the buffet.

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    Wow, tough choice. JIKO has become our favorite restaurant at WDW. But Boma has a fantastic buffet.

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    thanks everyone I think we'll go and visit and try Jiko for a romantic evening

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