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    Id really like to plan a special indulgence day and wondered which is the best spa at Disney to arrange it at? I dont know anything at all about them and I dont even know if I have to stay at the resort to book the spa :/

    Are there prices online or anything?

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    as with dining you don't have to stay at the resort to use the spa. I couldn't find a spa 'menu' on the site, maybe i was just looking in the wrong place though!

    there are spas at the Grand Floridian Resort and also the Saratoga Springs resort.

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    Id like that too, have you tried any britchick?

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    sadly not! I did try once but couldn't get a time to suit our schedule. I guess if you really want to do it you should book ahead. Not sure how soon you can book before, someone else will know though.

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    The spa at SSR has a much better reputation for service, and better prices. I once had a price list for there, but no longer do.

    Check out both spas before you decide.

    There is a spa at the Swan and Dolphin too (not positive of the exact location). It's the Mandala (I am probably spelling that wrong) spa, the type aboard many cruise ships.

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    Mandala spas are usually good. Unfortunately i was completely spoiled in Thailand last year and i don't think anything will ever live up to it!

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    Oooooo! I can only imagine! There really is something very unique about an Asian spa experience, isn't there. Not that I've ever been to an Asian country, but friends who have feel the same as you.

    Is it Manala or Mandara? I never can remember! :spring:

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    it's mandara but there are mandalas too - me is confuddled lol

    here is the one at the swan and dolphin

    there is also one at the Universal Portofino resort

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    No wonder I'm confused! LOL! Thanks for the clarification Brit.

    I wonder if the Swan spa does the pushy sale of product thing that they do on board ship? Didn't care for that bit at all.

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