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Thread: Villas at wilderness lodge

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    anyone stayed here? any photos?

    is it quite a walk from the villas to the lobby? also is there a separate pool?

    i'm looking at 1 bedrooms in particular- do they have a sofa bed and another couch in the living area?


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    ooo Id like to know this too please

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    We've stayed there.

    There is the one bedroom with the king bed, and a pull out couch in the living room area.

    The walk from the car park was a hike, but from the lobby isn't so bad (and I do believe most of it is under cover).

    There is a private pool.

    We quite liked our stay there. It's a lovely resort!

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    did it have an extra sofa Tink, like OKW does?

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    Hmmmm...not that I recall. I think (and it's been awhile) that there was the pull out and a large easy chair. It's a smaller set up than the OKW villas...

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    well that's it out then

    guess we'll have to wait until we're without kids!

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    Yes, I rather thought you were hoping that your two would be able to have the pullout and the extra couch, but I don't think it will work for you.

    You'd need a two bedroom for them.

    OKW for you, m'Dear!

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    we'll see waiting very impatiently for the summer offers to come out.

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