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Thread: Dreamworks Partners with Disney

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    "Steven Spielberg has found a home in the Disney castle.

    The filmmaker's DreamWorks Studios, in the market for a larger company to help support and distribute its films, worked out a deal Monday to partner with The Walt Disney Co. after an abrupt split with Universal Pictures late last week.

    Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but this enables Spielberg and partner Stacey Snider to move ahead on a number of scripts awaiting the go-ahead. They made such films as Transformers, Disturbia and Tropic Thunder at their former home, Paramount Pictures. Spielberg recently spent about $27 million to buy back projects that were being developed there for a new incarnation of DreamWorks.

    The arrangement does not include DreamWorks Animation, maker of the Shrek and Madagascar films, which broke off on its own as a separate company and is a rival to Disney and its partner Pixar.

    Disney officials said they would be releasing about six DreamWorks films a year, and the first one would likely be in 2010. DreamWorks officials hope to begin rolling on their first new live-action film this summer. The details of the first projects have not yet been revealed."

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    Another mess that Bob Iger has had to clean up after Mike Eisner...If I have never said it before (and I know I have) Mike Eisner was the devil of Disney and I am happy his rear end is gone...

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