Yes, I am still alive!! I'm sorry I have been quiet lately and thank you so much to those who sent messages checking up on me!! It made me feel very loved The truth of the matter is I'm huge and it is getting really uncomfortable to be sitting down If I could get through my day without wearing pants, I would be happy girl.

So we were off to the doctors office today. I almost died when I got on the scale, but the nurse reminded me that I'm really only up 3 lbs. She also told me that I didn't want a skinny little baby and to not worry about it. She seemed to be pretty sure of what she was talking about. Everything tested perfect and I have no signs at all of early labor. Pookie's heartbeat is very strong and the doctor had a good time laughing at my distorted belly See my problem is that instead of just kicking, Pookie likes to plant his feet and PUSH as hard as he can. Most points in the day I have feet or a little rear sticking out of my side. It is far more uncomfortable than kicking, but I do like to freak Dh out with it. So I have another appointment in 2 weeks and I should be going for a sono soon after to see what position he is in. I am pretty sure that he is head down because that is where I feel the hiccups, but it will be nice to know for sure.

So there ya go :) Our update. Katelyn's big girl room is all done and she has moved right in, so I will be posting pictures of that ASAP. So on Friday Dh and I are going shopping for Pookie things so we can get his room all ready and then we just get to wait! Hooray!