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Thread: A charcoal canister

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    It's a 2005 and about 110,000 miles on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnie, post: 105351
    Does anyone know what this is? Apparently it is a part of my car that needs to be replaced.......part of the emissions system it seems.

    Anyone car to venture how much this little beauty costs to replace?


    I wonder if I could just shove a charcoal briquette up there instead?
    I had to replace the catalytic converter on my father's 1986 Taurus. Took it into the dealer and they said $475 to $500. Took it in for the actual appointment and they came back and said it would be $1200. Ford no longer made/stocked the part and they had to have it custom made.

    Took it to my mechanic and he fabricated it and installed it for $600! :)

    Quote Originally Posted by candyman, post: 105465
    sorry to jump your thread johnie but i have just had my van serviced , it is 4 years old now and i needed my first set of replacement window wipers thanks good ness they last 4 years cause a set of 3 , 2 front 1 rear , cost a staggering 50 -not fitted just the wipers flipping heck

    oops forgot to say it is a mercedes and the only ones that fit are genuine parts .
    Be thankful you don't live in the desert, Steve. We're lucky if we get more than one year out of window wipers. That's now about $40 per year for my Toyota. When did windshield wipers become so expensive? I remember buying them for about $10 in 2004 for the same car!

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