my nephews motorbike was stolen. He'd got it for his 18th birthday in the February and we believe 2 men went into their back garden and cut the locks off his bike then put it into the back of a van and took it away.

Well would you believe DH and another policeman found some lads riding around on it - no helmets - and the back wheel had been replaced by 2 small wheels making it into a trike!

it had no number plate, was a different colour and had 3 wheels instead of 2 but DH realised when the radio check on the vehicle identification number came back as a bike stolen from their road that it was my nephews!

he can't have it back yet as it's evidence.......

in May it wouldn't have been deleted off the police records i think as it would have been 6 years old by then, how unbelievable is that?!!