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Thread: Entertainment changes around the parks

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    Animal Kingdom has lost two of its acts. Both Pipa the talking recycling bin and Smear, Splat and Dip, the jugglers in Dinoland will no longer perform

    Epcot gets two new acts. Viva Venezia, a musical trio, will begin performing inside Tutto Italia on Feb 23.

    Remy will be coming to Chefs de France on Mar 1st

    Magic Kingdom will be celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Pinocchio with Pinocchio's Marionette Garden Party, located next to City Hall. It has started alread and runs intermittently from 9am-3pm

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    Oh, yea!!!! My DS will be so excited at the idea of seeing Remy. We'll have to look for him. Thanks for the update!!

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