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Thread: Best restaurant for thanksgiving

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    I know its early but we're in planning mode

    What would be a good restaurant for thanksgiving? do they all have special menus and if so how soon are they available?


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    Most full service restaurants will add a Thanksgiving choice to their menu. Some buffets will, also.

    Not sure when they release the menus, but surely by November 1? I'm guessing that it might even be 90 days prior.

    We've had any number of nice Thanksgiving meals at WDW. It all depends upon what you really like, and where you are (or want to) going to be.

    Many folks love Prime Time 50's Cafe for Thanksgiving. Others love Liberty Tree.

    We had an incredible dinner at Cape May one year. They incorporated all the traditional Thanksgiving items into their usual buffet. It was really nice.

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    We were at the MK last thanksgiving so we set up our ADR for Crystal Palace. Honestly, some of the best quality food we had on the trip even eating at Boma, Living Seas. A good time and good food!

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