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Thread: help classify the universe

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    you can help scientists by classifying what types galaxies are, they have 250,000 of them to do that they have captured by robotic telescopes. It looks really cool

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    Oooh pick me. I've signed up.

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    me too, thought you'd like it. Do ya think the water fox will be proud?

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    wow.. 250,000 ??? WOW!

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    Cool this has been going for a while now - wasn't sure it was still running - it has picked up some very interesting things and some people who have found them have had phenomena named after them !!!

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    it was on bbc breakfast that's how i heard of it.

    ahh the britchick galaxy, has a certain ring to it!

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    I was chating to the guy who set it up and suggested he should let people neame them as a source of revenue but he wasn't keen - He is Chris Lintott from the Sky at night, its fantastic to be looking at galaxies that maybe noone else has ever looked at before

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