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    Is there a centre to orlando other than the theme parks? I wonder if its downtown orlando?

    I know very little about whats outside the theme park area but will be going back without children next time and so could perhaps explore other parts of the city

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    There is not a whole lot in downtown Orlando except a business district. Church Street Station used to be a lot of fun but I believe all or most of it is now gone.

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    We went to Downtown Orlando to see Disney's The Lion King musical as it was touring....just happened to be in Orlando at the time it was showing at the Bob Carr Centre. I think there were some restaurants but, I'm not sure if I would like to wander around there in the evening to be honest!

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    Downtown Orlando doesn't consist of much. Church St. has some nice restaurants, Ceviche being one of our favorites. Hamburger Mary's is a bit further along the road. There are some unique other places like the Vue, etc. Lake Eola has swans to rent. The pedaling sort. The park is nice enough, especially if you like to people watch.

    If you are looking for more of a stroll and enjoy the area type of outing, the I'd recommend going to Winter Park. They have lovely little shops, places to eat, ect.

    Do not linger around downtown Orlando in the evening, and I'm sorry but do not drive along Gore St. or go west of Division St. (west of I-4). Much drug related crime there, even during the day. After dark is definitely not a good idea.

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