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Thread: best disney minigolf?

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    I can see summerland in the brochure but I'm sure there was another one? can someone remind me if there is?

    Has anyone tried that one at the place down by downtown disney? is that better than the disney one?

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    I've never played, but I'm going to bump this back up for you and mabybe someone can give you an answer

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    Winter/Summerland is in Blizzard beach and is fun - we did that 3 days ago and had a lot of fun, I however always prefer Fantasia gardens which is beautifully themed and is a short walk accross the road from the Swolphin. Pirates Cove golf is good did this 15 years ago so can't rememer it much - that is a short way off property so you will need a car

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    I prefer wintersummerland, in particular the winter portion, mainly because I'm rubbish and it's the easiest

    The pirate one at Crossroads was interesting for a change though! Not sure I'd take the time to get there without a car but if you're a minigolf fan, it may be worth checking out.
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